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Biotranex provides laboratory services to study metabolism enzymes- or transporters-mediated drug-drug interactions. We conduct studies to meet FDA and EMA guidance.

  • Individual inhibition assays of 9 CYP enzymes: IC50 and Ki determination
  • Cocktail assays of 5 major CYP enzymes: IC50 and Ki determination
  • Time dependent CYP inhibition: kinetics, heme adduct, apoCYP adduct, MI complex
  • CYP induction in hepatocytes from human or animals
  • Identification of CYP enzymes using cDNA-expressed enzymes, chemical and antibody inhibitors, correlation with known CYP activities, Km and Vmax determination
  • Inhibition assays of UGT enzymes: IC50 and Ki determination
  • Identification of UGT enzymes
  • Identification of SULT, esterases, aldehyde oxidase and other enzymes

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