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Biotranex provides laboratory services for a comprehensive list of metabolism/chemical toxicology studies including:

  • Metabolite profiling using LC/UV, LC/MS/MS, and LC/radiodetection
  • Structural identification of metabolites
  • Metabolic soft-spot identification
  • Reaction phenotyping studies for CYP, UGT, SULT, aldehyde oxidase and hydrolytic enzymes, and determination of Km and Vmax
  • Elucidation of metabolic pathways
  • Mechanistic drug development studies such as addressing metabolism-based toxicity issues
  • Metabolite identification and semi-quantitation in plasma samples of humans and animal species
  • Preparation of metabolite standards
  • Identification of reactive metabolites: GSH adduct, DNA adduct, covalent binding, protein adduct
  • Hepatoxicity using human or animal hepatocytes

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