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Biotranex provides a full range of services to study drug absorption and transporter properties to meet the FDA and EMA Guidance:

  • Solubility at various pH and in simulated gastric and intestinal fluids
  • Absorptive and bidirectional permeability in MDCK or Caco-2 monolayers
  • PAMPA permeability
  • Mono- or bidirectional permeability determination in P-gp- and BCRP-transfected cell lines
  • Transporter phenotyping/inhibition (IC50 or Ki): efflux P-gp, BCRP and BSEP; uptake OATP1B1, OATP2B1, OATP1B3, OAT1, OAT3, OCT1, OCT2
  • Hepatic uptake in hepatocytes from human and animals

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